Love our oceans, love our world

As a little girl, I fell in love with sharks and believed them to be the most magnificent creatures on this planet. After all, a species that can survive  essentially unchanged in our ever changing world is simply awesome. Sharks remained an icon of strength and tenacity for me, and I followed my heart to the water. I am now a married mother raising a spirited little boy on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and proximity to the sea has only fueled my fascination! This blog was created to express and share my passion for this planet, particularly the vast expanse of our oceans and all the living things that call it home. I urge you to get to know the world around you and beyond! See how much there is to explore, and share your experiences with others!  Together we can learn about steps to take in our daily lives to help reclaim and preserve our world! I am excited to highlight people, products, and practices that encourage a healthy environment for human, plant, and animal life on planet Earth! Please join me on this adventure; I’d be so pleased to have you along!!!

~ Christel Schultz