About Me

Raised on a farm in the northeastern U.S., I always loved the environment. I got my bachelor’s degree in Earth Science in 1998. Streams, rivers, and lakes were common in the rural community where I grew up, but I had a taste for the ocean. I pursued a minor in Marine Sciences while attending college. Soon after graduating, my career in the environmental industry began. I was fortunate to move to the Gulf Coast nearly two decades ago.

As an environmental professional, I’m familiar with a number of harmful impacts to our natural world. I’ve worked with teams of people to formulate solutions for addressing only some of those issues. With 20 years of experience in this field, I’m skilled at what I do. Written and photographic documentation are part of my personal and professional world. I desire to use those strengths to reach people and make a difference. At this stage in my life, I want to share my passion for this amazing planet! We are part of a complex network of living things that spreads throughout our oceans and across our continents! The tide is changing as more and more people become aware of the crippling strain we have put on our Earth. My goal is to provide information and encouragement on the path to a more sustainable future – starting now.