Our Oceans – Coral Reefs

Photograph provided by Pixabay

Written by Christel Schultz

Another world exists below the waves…

Full of color and teeming with life, the stunning beauty of coral reefs has long captured the hearts of many. Ocean enthusiasts around the world don scuba gear and snorkel masks just to catch a glimpse of it! The stark truth we face today is that our reefs are vanishing at a disturbing rate. Coral reefs occupy less than one percent of the ocean floor and provide a home for twenty-five percent of marine life, according to the Coral Reef Alliance. The wide array of life found in coral reefs may well exceed the biodiversity of the tropical rain forest!

A group of passionate individuals – scientists, divers and photographers – joined together to document the extreme decline in our coral reef systems. Off the shores of Hawaii, Australia and the Caribbean Islands, time lapse photography captured the vast scale of bleaching events plaguing coral reefs. The realities of global warming and climate change are presented from a different perspective, below the surface, in Director Jeff Orlowski’s “Chasing Coral” documentary released in 2017. See for yourself, and share with your family and friends – our oceans depend on it.